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Local Growers & Global Exporters of Exotic Tropical Fruits
Naivasha, Kenya


In 2024, we're making our maiden voyage with the export debut of our Great Rift Valley Purple Passion Fruit! This Passiflora Edulis pilot crop features the Misty Gems subvarietal known to be the tastiest of all purple passion fruits - a gem true to its name. The pulp varies in color from bright yellow to more of a pumpkin color, and it has all the tell-tale small, hard, black seeds of passion fruit's own eponym. The inside wall of the Misty Gem is white. Its flavor profile is refreshing, guava-like and tangy. Eaten by the spoonful directly from the shell, the pulp can also be used on pavlovas, cheesecakes, fruit flans and icing. Passion fruit mojitos are our personal favorite way to make use of its lush tropical appeal...

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